In the early noughties, two young and hungry design students met for the first time. With a shared love for design, 80’s movies and the desire to create outstanding work – the seed for Wolfcub was planted.

While the internet was still in its infancy and clunky mobile phones were weighing down people’s pockets, we were earning our stripes as creatives from the minute we graduated.

We enjoyed our experience working with startups and corporate giants, but we were hungry to start something new, hungry to do things differently, hungry to merge our skills and experience to create something special. Wolfcub Digital was born.

The ‘gun for hire’ agency model wasn’t for us. We’ve built a talented, close-knit design team that shares our desire to create outstanding work. This makes us a leaner package, allowing us to assess our clients’ needs and take the best route for every project. We can work with clients of all sizes. Whether it’s crafting or redefining your brand, a helping hand with UX or creating a digital product from scratch, we do it all from our office in the heart of Brighton.

We look forward to welcoming new clients as we embrace each step of the process. Your brand is paramount. We’ll treat it as if it’s our own – because when you work with Wolfcub, you’re one of us…

For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.


Dominic started in the design industry after studying visual communication and philosophy at University.

Working both as a freelancer and in-house designer at various agencies Dominic has been fortunate to work across many sectors covering clients large and small.

Dominic is a sucker for the finer detail and the strategic thinking force behind Wolfcub. His skills include UX, branding, art direction and UI design.


John studied communication and multimedia at University and went on to work for various high profile agencies as a freelance digital designer and art director.

Eager to progress, it didn’t take John long to move up in the industry, working with a wide range of impressive clients across sectors including broadcast, games, education, charities and corporate.

His skills include art direction, motion and visual design, UX, branding and creative thinking.

Work with us.

Become part of Wolfcub, and let’s begin.