Chipp’d is an innovative startup, bridging the gap between physical products and digital experiences.

The key is their use of Bluetooth and NFC (near field communication) technologies, as well as QR codes and a native mobile application to tie gifts into curated user- or brand-generated content online.

Consumers purchase a Chipp’d product with a unique code attached. By entering the code into the app or site, the user records or curates their content and shares the product with others. They can then scan the code or activate a wearable device to unlock the content.

For brands, the technology can be combined with Bluetooth and NFC to activate brand messages, unlock content and create a physical and digital experience for the consumer. Chipp’d’s business customers include retailers such as John Lewis and Bloomingdales as well as high profile cultural spaces.



Our task was to take the Chipp’d offerings and unify both the consumer and business aspects into a single online portal covering both bases.

By utilising engaging visuals and targeted messaging throughout, we were able to steer visitors through the different aspects of the products and services Chipp’d offer, while keeping the experience rich, accessible and inclusive.



The Chipp’d site has had an excellent reception from both consumer and business audiences, and the team have reported that visitors are staying on the site 50% longer thanks to the redesign and they are getting 30% more enquiries as a result. Win!