Hhhello app


hhhello is a successful online dating website. It works to connect people with similar interests; whether they’re mad about a certain band, really into a specific genre of film, or are fanatical about French food, hhhello will connect you to people who share your passions and enthusiasms.

hhhello’s unique selling point is that it helps people to connect by utilising online media platforms. The service allows you to post images via Instagram, videos from YouTube and music from Spotify. Users can create their own little world, carefully crafted using the mediums that represent them best, as opposed to painstakingly writing a bio in a desperate attempt to sound interesting. After all…a picture says a thousand words.

With a successful web version already up and running, our obvious first step was to create an iPhone app to help hhhello users connect from their mobile, anywhere around the world.

hhhello wanted us design the user experience of the app as well as design the accompanying user interface.



We worked closely with hhhello to create a series of interactive wireframes for the app. This helped both parties to overcome any design challenges early on and together really understand how the app would work; we wanted to ensure the greatest simplicity for the user at every step.

We then went on to bring our ideas to life with a beautiful interface that really captured hhhello’s essence on the iPhone.

The application is currently in development, expect a launch soon! In the meantime check out

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