Ian Fleming Publications


We were recently approached by the Ian Fleming Estate and Ian Fleming Publications to breathe new life into their official website. Both the Ian Fleming Estate and Ian Fleming Publications work together to protect and uphold the legacy of the author and his writing.

Before the revamp, the old site was failing to reflect the excitement and breadth of Fleming’s literature. It was also hard to navigate, over-populated and consequently difficult for the team to manage.

In addition to the original 14 Bond books written by Fleming, there is also an extensive collection of ‘continuation’ books, graphic novels and the Young Bond series (all written after Fleming’s death) that the site needed to house.

In fact the site had to serve two purposes: to be the place for all things literary Bond and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Fleming’s other classic creation that he wrote for his son, Caspar) and also the official digital space for the author himself. From a content perspective, this initially posed a gigantic design challenge for us to tackle.



We worked closely with the Ian Fleming team to help shape the new site’s structure: sifting through years of accumulated content on the old site, creating new content where needed and re-writing that which didn’t meet the new site’s style and format.

Since Ian Fleming was a renowned purveyor of life’s finer things, it was important for us to make sure the site’s design reflected this premium-yet-approachable feel, whilst working seamlessly across all platforms.

The beauty of being able to work with such evocative, bold visual content was that we had the opportunity to create illustrated pieces for the James Bond story section, which chronicles the character’s inception and his many colourful adventures. We also seized the opportunity to reimagine classic illustrations for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which is targeted at a much younger audience.



The site uses the many layers of content to its advantage, inviting users to explore the rich depths of the author’s works, and offering enchanting quotes from Fleming, captivating archive imagery and fresh illustrations.

We set out to create a website that carefully balanced the classic elegance of Fleming’s work, whilst providing a platform for the new material to shine. Publishing Manager at Ian Fleming Publications, Josephine Lane said: “Every part of the project has been handled excellently, from the creative brainstorm and the transparency of expectations to Wolfcub’s flexible and responsive attitude throughout. We are extremely pleased with how the process has gone.”

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