min wayn


We were approached by min wayn, a creative-driven startup, to head up the development of their brand and online presence.

Translated from Arabic, min wayn means ‘where from?’ and this innovative platform aims to bring the best design talent from around the world to new global markets. The team behind the platform curate products from new makers, and help to launch those products into new territories.

It was our job to help give min wayn a clear brand presence and to reflect the spirit of the company through their site and the collection of products while also providing insight into the makers behind them.



The min wayn team already had an idea for their brand mascot: the humble pigeon wrapped in a coat of arms! It represents their core value of being globally focussed (the pigeon is in every country in the world) and a sense of quality. It also connects two things you would never normally associate: nobility and the common pigeon. These twin elements both juxtapose and complement each other simultaneously.

It was our task to build upon this brand idea and supplement the brand marque with a palette, typographic, iconographic and photographic style which reflected both the individuality and energy of the brand and its values.

We helped min wayn develop a unique visual language by working closely with the team, listening to their ideas, looking at references together, and refining the style and tone which is right for the brand.



We delivered a brand bible, presentation and marketing materials and a responsive website, all of which were both tightly unified in their execution and reflective of the exciting min wayn platform.

Building on their new branding, min wayn’s current mission is to recruit exciting makers and design talent across the globe before unleashing an exciting commerce-driven discovery experience on the web later this year.