Stuff We’re Into Right Now

A quick round up of some of the cool stuff that has tickled our design tastebuds and given us the chills.


Modern Retro 


We’ve mentioned, more than once on this blog how we’re diehard fans of all things retro, especially anything 80’s, which probably explains why we’re really digging the retro design trend that seems to be hanging around at the moment. Think, bold and bright: Pac-Man, meets Tim Capello. With a modern twist…yeah, that’s definitely not a thing.

Example of things that definitely are things above.

Credit to Dean Chalkley, VG, Retro Minder, Kung FuryVan Orton.


Negative Space


“Things are not quite so simple always as black and white.” – Doris Lessing

We’re often telling our clients to not be afraid of white space; when used cleverly, negative space can add layers of depth to a design that might you might not realise at first.

Credit to Jimmy GleesonGuillaume Morellec, Fusion Kelvar.


In Your Face Colour


Undoubtedly, this trend appeals to our neon, 80’s pixelated hearts. As far as we’re concerned, the more garish and in your face, the better!

Credit to Maksat Amirzhanuly, Vincent NegreFernando Cardone Retana, Superhero CheesecakeVitali Zakharoff.


Fancy Pants Typography


Words aren’t just for reading, they’re for pouring down pages, licking your face and making you drool. We’re seeing typography being used a lot in this way and we’re quite the fan.

Credit to Studio—JQ, Sound of change, HochburgJustin Bechard.


Abstract Minimalism


“Simplicity is not a simple thing”

Sometimes it’s nice to step away from bold, rich graphics to take a bit of a breather. Playing with a more minimalist approach that deconstructs shapes and plays with colour to let you do some of the guessing is also fun, but don’t be fooled by simplicity; as Charlie Chaplin once said, “Simplicity is not a simple thing”

Credit to HuntlyAndre LarcevLiyuan TongVyacheslav Dronov.


Geometric Shapes


Inspiration for this section comes mainly from Brazilian based artist Ana Strumpf and her illustrations on magazine covers. Armed with a sharpie and an eye for the surreal, she creates beautiful embellishments on the likes of covers for i-D, Vanity Fair and Life and we’re in luuuuuuurve. Also, check out the work of the Daily Splice, who as he says “takes images out of context and splices them together”

Credit to Adam Hale (aka the daily splice).