Design Sprints

A highly effective 
4-day methodology.

With a Wolfcub design sprint, we’ll work through your design challenge together, innovating and exploring to produce a testable product or service – fast!

What is a
Design Sprint?

Design Sprints are a way of tackling your challenges and testing your ideas in less than a week.

Intense, exciting and collaborative, Design Sprints are perfect for exploring & solving big challenges. Whether it’s an existing product or service in need of innovation, or a completely new idea waiting to be explored, a Design Sprint with Wolfcub will result in real answers to your key questions in just four days.

Why use a
Design Sprint?

Sometimes innovative projects can take a while. Changes, feedback, refinements, new input…

But by working together in a Design Sprint, we can guide you through a focused process to a solution in under a week.

Instead of waiting to launch your new product or service to understand if your ideas are feasible, we’ll work closely with you to create a realistic prototype which can be tested with real users, and get clear data-driven insights and feedback, all within the sprint timeframe.

Imagine being able to jump into the future to see a snapshot of your idea realised in a fraction of the time, minus the huge financial outlay and guesswork.

How does a Design
Sprint work?

A Wolfcub Design Sprint is a four-day, tried and tested process.

By using a deliberately short timeframe, we’re able to create a highly focused and collaborative environment which nurtures creativity and drives innovation from within.

Pre-Sprint: Planning

Creating the ultimate Design Sprint requires a little forward planning. We help you focus on the task by assembling the best team members for the job at hand, identifying the experts in your innovation area and setting the scene by gathering relevant insights and input, all ready to bring into day 1.

Day 1: Define & Sketch

First, we collectively review everything gathered in the planning stage, including understanding your user insights, and the input from your experts.

Armed with this knowledge, we define the long-term goal you’re working towards and the key questions to answer during the sprint.

Using a shared understanding of the challenges and opportunities, the next step is to map out the aspect of your product or service you’d like to focus on during the sprint.

Jumping off from this shared vision, it’s time to talk through some potential solutions. We start with a ‘lightning demo’ session, which is not just a great name, it’s also a very handy tool for exploring and capturing ideas which we’ll then use to sketch out possible solutions.

Don’t worry, no artistic ability required!

Day 2: Vote & Storyboard

We kick off the morning of day 2 by reviewing our gallery of sketched solutions from day 1.

Each is discussed and ranked accordingly, enabling us to use collaborative decision-making techniques to pick one to take forward.

In following this process, the group as a whole begin to rally around a shared goal.

At the tail end of day 2, we’ll then work as a group to storyboard the solution, giving us a fully formed plan we can then turn into an interactive prototype on day 3.

Day 3: Prototype

The big day arrives. Wolfcub’s designers pop on the headphones and knuckle down to focus on creating a beautiful prototype.

This prototype is usually presented as a high fidelity design based on your brand’s look and feel, but it can also take a whole host of forms. Whatever the outcome, it will be ready to test with your audience, fast.

We’ll keep you updated throughout the day and show you how things are shaping up!

Day 4: Test

The final day of the sprint is here. We’re ready to test the prototype with real users.

We’ll discover which elements of our proposed solution will work for your target audience and which need improvement – all driven by hands-on testing, no guesswork involved!

You’ll watch the tests in real time and also take away a back-up of the recordings for further post-event analysis.

Post-Sprint: Wrap Up & Review

We’ll write up a brief report summarising the key learnings from the week.

This includes the early sketches we created at the start, right through to the final prototype and testing recommendations.

We’ll also provide a high-level plan for what to do with the conclusions and outcomes of your Design Sprint.

What do you get
out of a Design Sprint?

At the end of the Design Sprint, you’ll not only have tested a high-fidelity interactive prototype with real users and worked through some of the core design challenges you’re facing, but you’ll also have a set of clear insights on what to do next.

The prototype produced isn’t a wireframe made up of grey boxes. Instead, it looks and feels like a real product and is fully interactive and yours to keep!


What happens after
a Design Sprint?

With a tangible version of your product in the tank, backed up by real user insights, it’s easier to decide how to move forward and take the next steps to realising your vision.

At this point, you can either decide to do a second sprint to re-iterate, explore and further refine your idea, bringing it very close to being production-ready. Alternatively, using the prototype we’ve already created, you can test and validate the idea further or use it to present to key stakeholders for early buy-in to the product.

Why choose Wolfcub
for your Design Sprint?

Wolfcub are experts in the field of design and user experience. We’ve been running Design Sprints for a long time now, and know just how to help our clients to realise their best ideas.

By understanding your needs and working collaboratively through key challenges, we can help you launch new ideas and bring products to market in an engaging and interactive way.


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