Made In Brighton

Wolfcub founders John Griffin and Dominic Port have a wealth of expertise in the design industry that spans the past decade. After many years working as “lone wolves” in agencies both near and far, they made the decision to join creative forces and thus, Wolfcub was born.

Wolves are highly territorial and the decision to make Brighton ours was an easy one. Here are a few reasons why setting up on the South Coast rules:

• Accessibility:

Bikes rule in Brighton and you can get anywhere in 20 minutes. No dingy tubes for us on the way to our next meeting!

• Excellent networking opportunities:

From Glug to UX Brighton there are plenty of occasions to meet new people and establish new contacts

• Not too far from the “Big Smoke”:

At just 55 minutes on the train, you can get to London in no time at all.


That’s just some of the reasons we love it here (we didn’t even touch on the beach life…)!
Why not tweet us @WolfcubDigital to tell us your view.