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Min Wayn, which translates from arabic to ‘Where from?’, are on a mission to connect emerging talent in the field of product design from all over the world to new markets, like New York, London, and Dubai.

They collaborate with up and coming innovators across areas including fashion and tech, art and sustainable products. Their focus is championing diversity in global design by fostering new talent and creating opportunities for growth.


Min Wayn





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Branding, Design

The brand

As Min Wayn is a brand with a global reach, we were asked to create a symbol which represented a common connection between countries of the world. We came up with the idea of using an animal to convey the spirit of Min Wayn, presented in a coat of arms.

We chose the noble pigeon as the brand’s mascot – a citizen of the world and found in most major cities. They were historically used to transfer information between, and hence to connect, people in different places.

The pigeon represents a location-agnostic symbol that anyone can relate to regardless of their origins.

Our Approach

We experimented with forms and texture which represent global landscapes, capturing the spirit of min wayn's wide appeal.

The product makers they collaborate with are on the cutting edge of culture, and it was important for us to capture the energy of the makers of tomorrow.

The Result

We created a contemporary look and feel for the brand which uses an energetic palette mixed with bold photography and shapes. The end result is a brand that feels both energetic and exciting but also refined and considered – transcending cultural boundaries.


Rolling out

Once we'd created the brand for Min Wayn, we then translated their style into an online platform. The responsive website allowed visitors to browse and discover products from a wealth of makers from around the world, as well as purchase items through a simple and intuitive interface.


Rolling out

Lastly, we created a design language for the brand's presentation and marketing materials, allowing them to take the concept to market with a full suite of design collateral that made their brand stand out from the competition.

Wolfcub created the Min Wayn brand with style. They took the time to research our market & created something unique.
Omar Farha - Founder, Min Wayn

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