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Avios is a travel reward points scheme which allows you to turn everyday spending into flights and hotels.

The Avios digital team approached us to help create concepts for a new B2B site that would help showcase the opportunities available to organisations taking part in the reward scheme.







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The challenge

We were tasked with creating a single destination for the Avios Group, which incorporates travel reward schemes, airline partners, programme partners and currency partners within the group umbrella.

It was deemed that the current site needed simplification. User testing had revealed visitors found the current site confusing and lacking in clarity.

Our Approach

Avios asked us to embrace their brand guidelines but also wanted to move the design into fresh territory. We opted for a single page design which led visitors through the Avios experience.

We reshaped the structure of the content, simplifying information into card-style interactions, whereby visitors could quickly and easily jump deeper into the information they wanted to view, or simply browse top-level content across the various sections.


Prototyping the structure

We created a high fidelity prototype of the design and added interactivity. This helped us to test and validate the structure with key stakeholders and visitors to the site before rolling out the final concept.

The Result

Our approach led to a creative concept which was both information-rich and also captured the essence of the Avios experience. We embraced imagery and video alongside social media streams, helping the site to feel alive with fresh content.


Digging deeper

The concept used single screen overlays to deliver key messaging. Visitors are able to explore the site in a variety of ways, allowing for a multitude of different, but consistent, experiences.

We loved the ideas around social media and clever use of photography. Wolfcub were the only agency who gave us a comprehensive breakdown of their thinking! It was admired by all members of the team.
Tammy Wallace- Digital Product Manager B2B, Avios Group

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