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Own Art is a membership centric organisation who help individuals to start art collections by bridging the gap between art galleries and new buyers through providing affordable consumer finance.

They also offer member galleries a platform to gain exposure and a wide range of exclusive benefits from being involved in the scheme.


Own Art


2018 / 19



Our Services

UX, Design, Design Sprints, Development


Having recently completed a rebranding process, we were approached by Own Art to help redefine their online experience, integrating their refreshed visual brand assets whilst developing a robust platform.


With online member engagement in decline, it was essential for the reimagined Own Art platform to once again be the centre of the membership experience.

The platform bridges the divide between new and established art buyers, galleries and artists, so it was imperative the redesign considered all of these key audiences.

Our Approach

We adopted a highly collaborative approach with the Own Art team, working with them intensively using design sprint methodologies.

The design sprint helped us to identify key user journeys for the most critical tasks throughout the platform, and allowed us to work through design challenges together.

We then used our collaborative decisions to create an interactive prototype of the platform, allowing us to validate ideas with both Own Art's internal team and key user groups within their target audiences.

Designing the experience.

Armed with our findings from testing the prototype, we were then ready to realise the platform design.

Our next challenge was to create a design approach which allowed us to realise a consistent interface coupled with a minimal design style that lets the wide range of artworks on the platform shine without interference.

Intuitive search.

A big aspect of the Own Art platform is the ability to search for galleries in an intuitive way.

We helped to design and develop a responsive search platform, allowing visitors to search by location and gallery type to discover new galleries and artists across the UK.

The Result.

As an organisation with over 15 years of history, serving their members and bridging the gap between art sellers and art buyers, Own Art had a lot of factors to consider within the redesign.

By guiding their team through a design sprint process we created a platform that their organisation and members alike love.

Interaction and engagement with the site from members has increased 300% and new enquiries to the organisation have risen dramatically since launch.

Wolfcub demonstrated innovative workshops & team support with really workable ideas & solutions that our members love.
Mary-Alice Stack - Chief Executive, Own Art

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