Hello There, It’s Been A While Hasn’t It?

Sorry we’ve not been blogging more; sometimes when you’re a small agency like us, it’s hard to find the time to squeeze in things like blogging around taking on new work, arranging dinghy meetings and training for iron man swims, which is frustrating because we actually really like it!


Anyway, we promise to post more- scout’s honour and all that. One of the reasons we’ll be able to is that we’ve welcomed Fran back to the wolf pack. Fran worked with us when we first started Wolfcub and has come back to us full-time as our Project & Communications Lead. As well as taking the lead on some of our projects, she’ll also be blogging and tweeting and making sure we keep our promise to keep you informed of all our latest projects and general antics.


Have you visited out our Twitter page recently? Why not head over and check out some of the latest things that have been inspiring us, and to find out what exactly a ‘dinghy meeting’ is!